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Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC

About Jacqueline Kriebel

Before Jacqueline R. Kriebel earned her Juris Doctor in 2004, her studies were in psychology and education. With this foundation, she has the sensitivity and listening skills to really hear what you and your family are going through. Over the years, she has developed a work ethic dedicated to meticulous case preparation and aggressive representation. She focuses on treating each client with respect and dignity regardless of what their legal situation is.

She will return your phone call as soon as is practical. She will listen patiently while you explain your situation and provide immediate feedback as to how your case should be handled and what you can expect throughout the legal process.

Ms. Kriebel has worked closely with teens, including troubled youth, as a 9th grade world geography teacher. She has also been a mental health caseworker and a counselor at a shelter for battered women. She remains active in the Texas community and has two children of her own. You may read more about Ms. Kriebel’s professional background by following the link below:

Bexar County Divorce Lawyer

Why we are different?

Experience Matters

It is important to have a divorce lawyer on your side to help you understand what you might face. Attorney Kriebel can help you. She helps people from all walks of life who are living or working in San Antonio and nearby counties who are getting divorced, have child custody issues to solve, want help with their adoption and are contending with DFPS matters. Not only does Ms. Kriebel provide knowledgeable family law representation.

Aggressive When Needed

Sometimes you need someone to advocate for you in a manner that you cannot advocate for yourself. That’s why you’re getting a lawyer, after all.


Communication is key in an attorney/client relationship. Attorney Kriebel vows to make sure you feel heard and seen.

Divorces are unique

Bexar County Divorce

Divorces are unique. Every client is different. Every client has a distinct set of problem solving that needs to be delineated. Let me be your problem solver for your divorce or family law situation.